Vintage Portraits

Imagine the look of excitement on your child's face as they travel back to a bygone era and experience the wonders of the past. At Noreen Owens Photography, during our vintage portrait sessions, our experienced photographer captures each of your little one's precious expressions and emotions as they play with old fashioned-toys and use their imagination to make-believe they're living in a classic era.

Vintage Photo Session

  • Sessions Available Year Round
  • Hand-Crafted, MultiDimensional Set
  • Authentic, Antique Props
  • Custom Designed Costumes & Props
  • Engaging Portraits Interacting With Scenery
  • Stunning, Art-Quality Portraits
  • Meticulously Hand-Retouched
  • Variety of Poses & Expressions

Our multidimensional vintage photos set includes authentic, old-fashioned toys and hand-selected, vintage costumes that transport your child to days gone by. Through this session, we create timeless, elegant portraits that preserve the past for future generations to enjoy. Each vintage portrait is meticulously hand retouched to adjust colors, enhance fine details, and lighten eyes and cheeks, delivering breathtaking personalized artwork that commemorates the beauty and elegance of the past.

Capture the moment your child experiences the timeless elegance of the past in gorgeous vintage portraits from Noreen Owens Photography. Call or contact us today to schedule your session.