A Day With The Ducklings Portraits

Capture the look of wonder and amazement on your children's faces as they splash their feet in the pond while holding a real baby duckling in their arms. At Noreen Owens Photography, our custom-crafted, interactive photography sets transport your child into the great outdoors. As they experience the beauty and harmony of nature, our experienced photographer captures each authentic expression and emotion.

A Day with The Ducklings Portrait Sessions

  • Sessions Available April 17th & 18th
  • Hand-Crafted, Multidimensional Set
  • Authentic, Antique Props
  • Custom Designed Costumes & Props
  • Engaging Portraits Interacting With Scenery
  • Stunning, Art-Quality Portraits
  • Meticulously Hand-Retouched
  • Variety of Poses & Expressions

During your day with the ducklings, your little ones get to hold, watch, and interact with real baby ducklings, allowing them to be transported into their own story. As they are captivated by our environment, our experienced photographer preserves their real, genuine expressions in a wide variety of gorgeous poses, generating breathtaking pieces of art that you and your family will enjoy for generations.

Imagine the delight on your child's face when they hold a baby duckling in their arms and experience the beauty and magic of being in harmony with nature. Call or contact us today to schedule your day with the ducks photo session.