Themed Photo Shoots

Imagine capturing the moment your child finds themselves as the star of their own fairytale. At Noreen Owens Photography, our themed photo shoots immerse your child in a custom-designed story. As they explore this amazing, new world, our award-winning photographer captures their fascination and amazement. The resulting portraits are a stunning piece of art that commemorates your child's sense of wonder and adventure.

Themed Photo Shoot Sessions

For our themed photo shoots, each life-like set is custom-crafted and multidimensional. When you combine these beautiful sets with our hand-selected, hand-made themed costumes, our studio is transformed into a new world for your child to explore. Our talented photographer captures your child's authentic reactions, expressions, and emotions as they interact with our environments, creating a beautiful, engaging art piece that you can treasure for generations to come.

Preserve your child's wonder and innocence as they are transformed into a character in a story. Call or contact us today to schedule your child's themed photo session.