Cat Portraits

From sweet and soulful to playful and mischievous, we capture the heart and soul of your cat in beautiful portrait art that you can treasure for generations. At Noreen Owens Photography, we understand that your cat is more than a pet, they are a loved and important member of your family and it's important to commemorate each special moment we share with them. Our award-winning photographer specializes in capturing all the expressions and emotions that make your kitten special in timeless and engaging photographs.

Cat Portrait Sessions

  • Individual Cat Portraits
  • Family Portraits with Your Cat
  • In-Studio / On-Location Sessions
  • Gorgeous Hand Retouched Portraits
  • Capture Your Cat's Wide Range Of Emotions

At Noreen Owens Photography, we have years of experience working with your feline friends. During our cat portrait sessions, we utilize our years of experience to keep your kitten's attention to ensure we bring out and capture their unique personality. We recommend bringing a leash and letting our staff know your cat's name to provide the best results. Following your cat's photo shoot, we hand retouch any image to ensure we enhance the colors, brighten their eyes, and highlight their fine details, providing you with a gorgeous piece of art that encapsulates the personality and love of your kitten.

Commemorate your pet's amazing personality in a beautiful, one-of-kind cat portrait with Noreen Owens Photography. Call or contact us today to schedule your session.