Engagement Photography

Love, romance, and excitement, your engagement is an amazing, one-of-a-kind moment in your relationship that is filled with so many beautiful emotions. Capture the love the two of you share in timeless, beautiful storytelling images with engagement photography from Noreen Owens. We specialize in creating striking, memorable, impactful portrait art that showcases the looks, glances, and genuine emotions that make up your love story.

Engagement Photography Sessions

  • Variety of Poses & Expressions
  • Outdoor Sessions
  • Indoor Sessions
  • Meticulously Hand-Retouched Portraits

From soft, tender displays of affection to playful, light-hearted laughter, our experienced engagement photographer captures each precious emotion in breathtaking portraits that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Each portrait is individually hand retouched to brighten eyes, reduce wrinkles, and enhance small details. Once completed, we mount your photos in a beautiful clear, luminous glaze to create one-of-a-kind personalized artwork that can be shared and passed down to future generations.

Before your session, our experienced engagement photography team communicates with you and your partner to help you coordinate outfit choices and to discuss which personalized items to bring on the day. Our goal is to create a shoot that is fun, relaxing, and captures the essence of your love story.

Your engagement photography should be as unique as your love story, call or contact us today to schedule your session with our experienced photographer.