Baptism Photos

One of the first milestones in your child's religious journey is their baptism. Commemorate this memory with beautiful, engaging baptism photos that will preserve this moment for a lifetime. At Noreen Owens Photography, we pride ourselves on our ability to capture each unique expression of your child, creating treasured memories that can be passed down for generations.

Baptism Photo Sessions

  • In-Studio Sessions
  • Variety of Poses & Expressions
  • Beautiful Images of Baby In Baptism Gown
  • Meticulously Hand-Retouched Portraits

Our portraits go beyond capturing your child's baptism, they are personal works of art that highlight the beginning of your child's beautiful religious journey. Each image is delicately hand retouched to enhance color and to showcase fine details, creating an absolutely flawless finish. With baptism photos you have the opportunity to relive this precious moment of your child's life forever.

Celebrate this beautiful moment with gorgeous first baptism photos from Noreen Owens Photography. Call or contact us today to schedule your in-studio session.